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Leeds Liverpool Canal Books

  • Liverpool And Its Canal by Mike Clarke, 2007
    Photographs, maps, history and explanation of the Liverpool end of the canal. Recommended.
  • Nicholson Waterways Guide 5 North West & the Pennines, 2006
    The best guide to the canal, the most up to date but not perfect. It uses OS maps and has the info about BWB facilities. Recommended
  • The Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Mike Clarke, 2003
    The definitive history of the canal by the expert on the canal. A must have for anyone interested in the L&L. Recommended.

  • Around and About the Leeds Liverpool Canal by Mike Clarke, 1992
    A guide to the towns near the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

  • Discovering the Leeds to Liverpool Canal by Freeley & Woods, 1980s
    Old and new photographs of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

  • Building the Lancaster Canal by Robert Philpotts, 1983
    Includes the southern sections, now the L&L Canal.

  • Lancashire Waterways by Gordon Biddle, 1980
    Brief history and photographs of the canal.

  • Pennine Waterways: A pictorial history of the L& L by Gordon Biddle, 1977
    Lots of old photographs of the canal in its working days.

  • The Leeds & Liverpool Canal A Photographic Journey by David Lyons, 1977
    Photographs along the canal from Liverpool's Docks to Leeds Lock

  • Leeds & Liverpool Canal Craft by G.Wheat, 1972
    A short guide to the barges and boats that worked on the L&L

  • British Waterays Inland Cruising Booklet #16, 1966
    The BWB guide to the canal with its distinctive straight maps

  • T'wixt Liverpool and Leeds by LLCC, 1930s
    A promotional brochure for the Leeds Liverpool Canal Company. Aimed at encouraging companies to use the canal for transport. Canals are the cheap, smooth and safe option it says.



Canal Walking Guides

  • Walking Britain's Rivers and Canals by various, 1997
    Walks on England's canals, the Leeds - Liverpool Canal is not included though. Not quite pocket sized at A4

  • Walks from the Leeds-Liverpool Canal by Mary Welsh, 1996
    Quite hard to find now its out of print. It has circular and linear walks ased around the canal.

  • Canal Walks Vol 1: North by D. Needham, 1994
    Guide to walks along towpaths includes Leeds & Liverpool Canal sections

  • Canal Walks South by Ray Quinlan, 1993
    Includes the Regent's Canal and others

  • Canal Walks North by Ray Quinlan, 1993
    Includes walks along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

  • Aerofilms Guide by Colin Speakman, 1993
    A pre-google earth guide to the canal using aerial photographs. Good info about walking on the canals, transport and access etc

  • Tales from the towpath by Mike Harding, 1992
    A canalside amble through central Manchester. Now a bit dated, only 26 pages.

  • Towpath Trails by Allsop & Pearson, 1986
    A practical guide to walking beside canals. Includes Leeds - Liverpool Canal walks
  • Towpath Walks by Albert Cliffe, 1984
    Notes on the authors walks from Aintree to Wigan along the Leeds & Liverpool canal inclding the Rufford Branch

  • Walking Canals by Ronald Russel, 1984
    Partly inspiration for this website. This book promotes the pleasures of canal walking. It covers the Rufford Branch and Leeds Liverpool though it suggests the reader writes their own guide to the 35 miles between Liverpool and Wigan.

  • Spur Canalside Walks in the Pennines by A. J. Pierce, 1983
    A very good walkers guide to the canals of the Pennines, includes walks between Leeds and Burnley.

  • Along t'Cut: a towpath trail through Burnley by Roger Frost, 1977
    A walkers guide to the towpaths of Burnley

  • Walks along Waterways by David Rider Roberts, 1976
    A walkers guide to the canals of Birmingham and the Midlands

  • A Canal Trail for Wigan by V. Keyte, 1975
    A canal trail for Wigan prepared as a contribution to European Architectural Heritage Year 1975

  • Towpath Treks by George Birtill, 1973
    Walks from Cherry Tree to Tarleton, George's biggest fear is swans rather than the children he meets on the towpath, how things change...Recommended

General Canal Books

  • Lancashire Canal Carriers: J.Monk & Sons by Norman Jones
    Photographs of the working boats of the canals in the North West

  • English Canals Explained by Stan Yorke, 2003
    A guide to the history and industrial architecture of England's canal.

  • Observers Canals revised edition by John Gagg, 1996
    A comprehensive guide to canals and their features.

  • Lost Canals & Waterways of Britain by Ronald Russell, 1982
    Discusses lost canals, some have since been restored.

  • Landscape With Canals by LTC Rolt, 1977
    Rolts autobiography, the canal years

  • Canal Architecture in Britain by Frances Pratt, 197?
    A BWB book about the buildings and features of canals.

  • Canal by Anthony Burton, 1976
    Some great photographs and descriptions of canals and their architecture.

  • The Shell Book of Inland Waterways by Hugh McKnight, 1975
    A very complete book of all things waterways.

  • Canals in Colour by Burton and Pratt,1974
    Good text and nice photographs (in colour), nostalgia for the 1970s as well as the working days of canals.

  • A Source Book of Canals, Locks and Canal Boats by Hugh McKnight, 1974
    A nice collection of photographs of canal craft.

  • Waterways Restored by P.J.G.Ransom, 1974
    Discusses the canals that had been restored and the work needed to restore them.

  • Slow Boat Through England by F. Doerflinger, 1970
    A guide to cruising on England's waterways, from what sort of boat to use to where to go.

  • The Canal Age by Charles Hadfield, 1968
    The history of canals in England by one of the best authors on the subject

  • British Canals: Is Their Resuscitation Practicable? by Edwin A. Pratt, 1906
    Pratt discusses the possible future for Britain's canals and how they might be changed to make them economically viable.  Widening narrow canals is suggested.


  • Narrow Dog To  Carcassonne by Terry Darlington, 2006
    The author and his whippet and wife cross the channel in their narrowboat and cruise the rivers and canals of Europe.

  • fruit flies like a banana by Steve Haywood, 2004
    the authors travels in a narrowboat and Triumph Herald with comments about Rolt and the birth of the IWA

  • The Worst Journey in the Midlands by Sam Llewellyn, 2003
    A man and his boat row from Wales to London.

  • Slow Boat through Pennine Waters by F. Doerflinger, 1973
    A travelogue of sailing the northern waterways.Recommended

  • The Water Road, A Narrowboat Odyssey Through England by Paul Gogarty, 2003
    The authors description of his travels from London through the canal network and along the Leeds Liverpool from Wigan to Leeds

  • Towpaths of England by B. Bearshaw, 1986
    A travelogue of walking along hundreds of miles of canal towpaths, the Liverpool section is particularly depressing and not for dog-lovers.

  • Voyage in a Bowler Hat by Hugh Malet, 1960
    Authors travels in the Mary Ann a very small boat indeed through the canals of England and on to Ireland


  • Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe, 2006
    ISBN 1845374738 New Holland Publishers (UK) Lists wild flowers in colour order, the easiest guide book to use for those who know nothing about flowers. Recommended
  • Pendle Way 45 miles in East Lancashire by Paul Hannon, 2006
    A short guide to walking the Pendle Way with maps and sketches.
  • fences & freedom: the philosophy of hedgelaying by Marius de Geus & Thomas van Slobbe, 2003
    An account of how some Dutch people discovered the art and history of hedgelaying
  • John Rennie 1761-1821 by Cyril T.G.Boucher, 1963
    The Life and work of a great engineer
  • Lives of the Engineers, Harbours Lighthouses Bridges by Samuel Smiles, 1874
    The lives and works of John Rennie and John Smeaton
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