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One of my hobbies is collecting postcards, not very exciting but they dont take up much room and they are cheap(ish). Postcards of canals are a good way of seeing how the canals have changed over time. They also show that the canals have been tourist attactions for over 100 years. Wigan Pier and Bingley 5 Rise are the most popular views. I am yet to find a postcard of the Burnlesy Embankment. Real photographs showing barges on the canal are the most expensive ones. Prices range from less than £1 up to £30

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Postcards
Ambush in the Liverpool Docks
The Stanley Dock Branch
The Canal at Maghull
Red Lion Bridge Maghull
Lune by the now demolished mill at Parbold
A Horse drawn boat at Gathurst
"Angels often pausing here, Doubt if Eden were more fair"
Appley Bridge
A horse drawn boat passes Wigan Pier
SS Thomas at Wigan Piers
Wigan Basin
Wigan Pier
Haigh Hall Bridge
Arley Bridge
The Locks and Canal Rufford
The Old Canal, Whittle, near Chorley
Long Ing, Barnoldswick
Greenberfield Locks
Salterforth Bridge
the now demolished railway bridge near Barnoldswick
Bingley Five Rise
Bingley Five Rise
Dowley Gap
River Aire, Leeds
Other Canals
The Regents Canal
Barges at Bolton le Woods
the Llangollen Canal
The Canal in Chester



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