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Canal History


Canal Timeline

From 1700 to 2010, some of the major events in world history and the development of the English Canal network. Specific information about the Leeds & Liverpool Canal too.

see the canal time line here


Canal Postcards

Postcards are popular with collectors. Postcards of canals are particularily collectable and they are also an interesting historical document. Canals have been popular subjects for photography and postcards for over a 100 years. Many canal features that have been lost can be seen on postcards. Working barges and leisure boats are often shown too. see the canal postcards


Old Photographs of Canals

Old photographs of canals from the towpathtreks archives. These photographs from the 1960s and 1970s. The photographs include the Leeds & Liverpool Canal around Shipley, the end of the Bradford Canal, the Chester Canal at Chester, and the Kennet and Avon Canal at Bath. see the old canal photographs


Family Photographs

Photographs from the family photo albums from over 50 years of holidays on the canals of England. There are photographs of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and others. see the family photographs




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