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Old Canal Photographs

The Rufford Branch, Tarleton

These copies of old canal photographs were found in the loft. Thanks to Mike Clarke for the information via canalworld about the boats in the photographs.

One of Suttons barges at Tarleton Barge at Tarleton at Town End Swing Bridge Barges at Tarleton by Tarleton Mill.
Suttons Barges at Tarleton Mayors New Boatyard at Tarleton Barge at Mayors old boatyard

Photos from ebay

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal  
A slide I bought from e-bay showing Jean A submarine on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal  


Photographs from the Stores

Photos from "The Canals of North Lancashire, 1962, G.D.Smith"

These photographs are scanned from a 1962 University of Liverpool B.A. dissertation called The Canals of North Lancashire.

Bank Hall Colliery Altham Coke Works Empty Coal Barge
Burnley Depot Nelson Mill Nelson Depot
Whitebirk Power Station Burnley Whitebirk Power Station
Burnley Lancaster Lancaster

Photos from a the Chapman collection.

The following black and white photographs of canals from the 1960s and 1970s are part of a collection that originally belonged to Dr Dennis Chapman. After his death they were given to the library of the University of Liverpool. The collection of papers, prints and photographs sat in the stores of the library in boxes unsorted. The subjects included Scandinavian fishing boats, the Great Britain and prison hulks, Whitby, mostly they have a boaty theme. After much searching I found these canal photographs.

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal

These photographs are from a box labeled "Leeds Liverpool Canal Idle". Most places were easily recognisable a few were a bit tricky but thanks to Mike Clarke I have sorted them all out now.

Converted Lifeboat Shipley Wool Warehouse Shipley Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal
Converted Lifeboat Shipley Former Wool Warehouse Shipley The View from Victoria Street Bridge
Old Photograph of the Canal in Shipley Leeds Liverpool Barge James Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal Barge
By the warehouse basin is a old working boat The stern of the working boat on the quay side. The view from the towpath
Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal  Barge Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal
The name of the boat "James" Glovers Wharf by Gallows FootBridge #207D Dock Swing Bridge #209
Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal Old Photograph Leeds Liverpool Canal
Dock Swing Bridge #209 Sunken Working Boat by Bridge 214B Stern of the Working Boat
  Old Photogrph Leeds Liverpool Canal Old Photogrph Bradford Canal
  Dobson 2 Rise Paddle Gear on the Dobson 2 Rise Locks

The Bradford Canal

There is little left of the Bradford Canal today though there are plans to bring it back. These photographs show the end of the Bradford Canal at the junction with the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Shipley. The canal passes under the railway bridge and enters a lock. The gates of the lock are missing.

Old Photogrph Bradford Canal Old Photogrph Bradford Canal Old Photogrph Bradford Canal
Looking towards the junction Looking towards the junction Under the railway looking up the Bradford Canal


The Chester Canal

These photographs were easy to identify. The locks are the Northgate Staircase Locks in Chester. There is a very nice wooden cruiser in the lock. The locks haven't changed much since these pictures were taken in the 1960's.

Old Photograph Chester Canal
Old Photograph Chester Canal
Old Photograph Chester Canal
Old Photograph Chester Canal
Northgate Staircase Locks Locking Up towards Chester Boats in the Locks A variety of Boats
Christleton near Chester Christleton near Chester Dee Branch Chester Canal
Christleton near Chester Christleton near Chester On the Dee Branch



The Kennet & Avon Canal at Bath

The first three photographs have just "Bath End" on the back of them and the date October 1970.

Bridge Lock unknown canal unknown canal
A lock with no paddles
Bridge Lock
A lock at Bath A lock and Bridge
Kennet and Avon Canal Kennet and Avon Canal Paddle Boat
Kennet and Avon Canal
Sydney Gardens
Jane Austen Paddle Boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal
Kennet and Avon Canal Tunnel under Cleveland House Tunnel under Cleveland House

Thanks to everyone on canalworld.net who helped identify these photos.

Stroudwater, Basingstoke Canal and Birminham C.N. 1970s

These photographs are from ebay. They show the Stroudwater and Basingstoke Canals in various starges of abandonment. There are also some of the Birmingham Canal Navigations which looks in good order in the 1970s and there were still working narrow boats around.

Basingstoke Canal Basingstoke Canal Basingstoke Canal
Birmingham Canal Navigations Birmingham Canal Navigations Stroudwater Canal




More photos

Have a look at photos of the canal in Liverpool in the 1980s on flickr click here for Dave Sinclairs photos

Also I have put some of my family photos on here click for family canal photos

And there is my canal postcard collection which has some great old canal photographs here.


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