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Eanam Wharf

City of Liverpool


Dock Link


Stanley Dock Branch


0-3 miles


Bootle to Melling
3-12 miles


Maghull to Burscough
12- 24 miles


Rufford Branch


Burscough to Wigan
24 - 34 miles


34 - 37 miles


Leigh Branch


Former Lancaster Canal South


Johnson's Hillock to Cherry Tree
47 - 54 miles


54-59 miles

Towpath Treks

 The Leeds & Liverpool Canal


Blackburn is famous for its football club and its 4000 holes. Blackburn is the biggest city the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Queen Victoria Statue besides Blackburn Cathedralpasses through between Leeds and Liverpool.  Blackburn was the last city to be connected to the canal in 1810. The first barges to arrive in Blackburn on June 27, 1810, brought yarn, tallow, molasses, oil, lead, timber, malt, and 380tons of coal. The canal brought agricultural produce and raw cotton and coal to Blackburn and took away the processed cotton cloth. The price of cotton fell and production increased. The size of the mills grew and because of their need for water and coal they were built along the canal. There were 39 mills by the canal. The canal was used for day trips for mill workers.
 Henry Astin ran a packet boat between Burnley and Blackburn in 1824 a journey of 16 miles in 4 hours.

City of Leeds


127.25 miles


Shipley to Leeds
115 -125 miles


Stockbridge to Shipley
109 -115 miles


Skipton to Stockbidge
99 - 109 miles


Gargrave to Skipton
93 -99 miles


Greenberfield to Gargrave
87 - 93 miles


Foulridge to Greenberfield
82-87 miles


Burnley Lane to Foulridge Tunnel
75 -82 miles


71-75 miles


Rishton, Church and Hapton
59 - 71 miles

Leeds Liverpool Canal Cherry Tree Click on the photographs to see a larger image and more information
Kings Bridge #96A Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Canal Ewood
 54 miles Liverpool
Kings Bridge #96A Milepost
 LPool 55 miles
 Leeds 72¼ miles
View towards Whiteley Bridge #97
Ewood Aqueduct Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Hollin Bridge #98 Bottom Lock #57
Ewood Aqueduct
 Dated 1810
 55 miles Liverpool
Hollin Bridge #98 Blackburn Locks
 Bottom Lock #57
Lock #56 Bike Sculpture Lock #55 Lock #54
Lock #56 Bike Sculpture
 BWB Sanitary Station
Lock #55 Hall Street Bridge #99A
 Lock #54 underneath
Lock #54 Highfield Road Bridge #100 Lock #53 Canal at Blackburn
Lock #54 Highfield Road Bridge #100 Lock #53 wide pound below the Top Lock
Lock #52 Brewery Bridge #102 Audley Bridge #102A Canal at Blackburn
Blackburn Top Lock #52
 looking towards bridge #101
Brewery Bridge #102 #102A Audley Bridge
 Makers Plaque
view down to station and cathedral
Eanam Wharf 
Cicely Bridge #103   Eanam Wharf  
Cicely Bridge #103   Eanam Wharf  
Eanam Wharf R&J Rankin Eanam Wharf Milepost Eanam Wharf
Under the covered loading wharf R&J Rankin milepost at the top of a wharf pillar
57 Miles LPool
Leeds 70¼ miles
Eanam Wharf
Eanam Wharf Eanam Wharf Eanam Wharf Eanam Wharf
loading bay The back of the wharf warehouse wharf office buildings Eanam Wharf
  Eanam Bridge #103A Eanam Wharf Bridge #103A Leds Liverpool Canal in Blackburn
Eanam Bridge #103A
under Eanam Bridge #103A towards Paradise Bridge #103B
Mill Stonework Mill Stonework Paradise Bridge #103B Bank Field Cotton Mill
Interesting stonework of Navigation Mills Interesting stonework of Navigation Mills Paradise Bridge #103B Bank Field cotton mills
Daisy Field Corn Mill Sour Milk Hall Bridge  #104 Blackburn Minaret Sour Milk Hall Bridge #104
Daisy Field Corn mill with mosque in background Sour Milk Hall Bridge #104 minarets over Blackburn Sour Milk Hall Bridge #104
Chimney Leeds Liverpool Canal Blackburn Imperial Mill Greenbank Bridge #104A
Chimney old wharf supports Imperial Mill Greenbank Bridge #104A
Imperial Mill Blackburn Imperial Mill Blackburn Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Whitebirk
Imperial Mill Imperial Mill MilePost
58 Miles LPool
 Leeds 69¼ miles
Whitebirk Bridge#104B Towpath Map Whitebirk Signpost Leeds Liverpool Canal at Whitebirk
Whitebirk Bridge#104B Towpath Map Whitebirk Signpost Site of former bridge
Leeds Liverpool Canal  Rishton



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