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City of Liverpool


Dock Link


Stanley Dock Branch


0-3 miles


Bootle to Melling
3-12 miles


Maghull to Burscough
12- 24 miles


Rufford Branch


Burscough to Wigan
24 - 34 miles


34 - 37 miles


Leigh Branch


Former Lancaster Canal South


Johnson's Hillock to Cherry Tree
47 - 54 miles


54-59 miles

Towpath Treks

 The Leeds & Liverpool Canal

The Rufford Branch

Navigation on the River Douglas pre-dated the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. When the canal was built it replaced the Douglas between Wigan and Burscough. A new cut between the main line and the river at Sollom was built. Later the lock at Sollom was removed and a river lock built at Tarleton.

The Rufford Branch in places looks more like river than a man made channel, while the River Douglas has been canalised and is dead straight.

City of Leeds


127.25 miles


Shipley to Leeds
115 -125 miles


Stockbridge to Shipley
109 -115 miles


Skipton to Stockbidge
99 - 109 miles


Gargrave to Skipton
93 -99 miles


Greenberfield to Gargrave
87 - 93 miles


Foulridge to Greenberfield
82-87 miles


Burnley Lane to Foulridge Tunnel
75 -82 miles


71-75 miles


Rishton, Church and Hapton
59 - 71 miles

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Junction: Top Locks
< Mainline to Liverpool Rufford Branch Junction Bridge #1 Mainline to Leeds >>
  Junction Signpost Junction Bridge #1  
Junction Bridge #1 1816 Dry Dock Top Lock Cottages
Junction Bridge #1 1816 Graving Dock Cottages besides the Graving Dock
Graving Dock Lathom Locks Canal Cottage The Ship Inn
Dry Dock and Cottages The Top Lock #1 Junction Cottage The Ship Inn
(The Blood Tub)
Ground Paddles Lock Pound Lock Pound Clough
Lathom Lock #1 Lathom Lock Pound Lathom Lock Pound A Clough
Lathom Lock #2 Lathom Lock #2 From Lathom Locks Runnel Brow Bridge #2
Lathom Lock #2 Lathom Lock #2 From Lathom Locks Runnel Brow Bridge #2
Runnel Brow Lock #3 Bridge 2A Moss Lock #4 The Rufford Branch
Runnel Brow Lock #3 Bridge 2A Moss Lock #4 Along the Rufford Branch
Stone   Germans Bridge #3 Germans Lock #5
Bench Mark Stone Mile Post
Junction 1 mile
German's Bridge #3 German's Lock #5
Germans Lock #5 Germans Bridge #3 Ground Paddle Chicken Lock #6
German's Lock #5 German's Bridge #3 Ground Paddle Chicken Lock #6
Baldwins Bridge #4 Ground Paddle Canal View Prescott Bridge #5
Baldwin's Bridge #4 Ground Paddle View Towards Prescott Bridge #5 Prescott Bridge #5
Canal View   Canal Bridge Canal View
Canal View Mile Post
Junction 2 Miles
Canal Bridge View from the Causeway End railway bridge
Canal View Rufford Lock # 7 Rufford Marina Rufford Canal
Canal View nr Rufford Rufford Lock #7 St.Mary's Marina
A wooded section of canal at Rufford
Rufford Old Hall Spark Bridge #8A Rufford Canal Towpath
Rufford Old Hall View from Spark Bridge #8A Work in progress on the canal banks Poor Towpath Conditions
Canal Edge Fearn's Swing Bridge #9 View from Fearns  
Canal Edge Fearn's Swing Bridge #9 View from Fearn's Swing Bridge #9 Mile Post
Junction 5 Miles
Sollom Lock
Lock Lane Sollom Lock Hinge Gate Post
The lock is remembered in the road name Sollom Lock where the canal met the river Douglas before the canal was extended to Tarleton River Lock. stone and metalwork where the hinge of the lock gate once was. large stone gateposts are all that remain of the canal side buildings
Strand bridge #10 Strand Bridge #10 Boat on Bend
Bank Bridge #11
view beyond Strand Bridge #10 Strand Bridge #10 a boat on a bend the branch Bank Bridge #11
River Douglas Canal View Bank Bridge #11 Warehouse
The tidal River Douglas view from Bank Bridge #11 Under Bank Bridge #11 Warehouse between the canal and the river


  Rufford branch Rufford branch  
  From Town End Swing Bridge #12 Former Stop Lock  



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