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City of Liverpool


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Stanley Dock Branch


0-3 miles


Bootle to Melling
3-12 miles


Maghull to Burscough
12- 24 miles


Rufford Branch


Burscough to Wigan
24 - 34 miles


34 - 37 miles


Leigh Branch


Former Lancaster Canal South


Johnson's Hillock to Cherry Tree
47 - 54 miles


54-59 miles

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 The Leeds & Liverpool Canal


The canal between Bootle and its terminus in Liverpool is still classed as Remainder, this means only the basic maintenance needed to keep the canal intact is carried out. However a lot of work has been done around this end of the canal in the last 20 years. When the industrial site of the Tate and Lyle sugar refinery was demolished a new housing estate was built. Although some of the canal was filled in and built upon the project embraced the canal and a new bridge, Vauxhall Bridge, was built to serve the new community.

The bridges on this section have letters rather than numbers. Chisenhale Street Bridge is Bridge A, the first bridge on the canal. The towpath is in good condition for both walkers and cyclists.

The Liverpool end of the canal is well served by road and rail. Moorfields, James Street, Lime Street and Central stations are within walking distance of Old Hall Street.

City of Leeds


127.25 miles


Shipley to Leeds
115 -125 miles


Stockbridge to Shipley
109 -115 miles


Skipton to Stockbidge
99 - 109 miles


Gargrave to Skipton
93 -99 miles


Greenberfield to Gargrave
87 - 93 miles


Foulridge to Greenberfield
82-87 miles


Burnley Lane to Foulridge Tunnel
75 -82 miles


71-75 miles


Rishton, Church and Hapton
59 - 71 miles

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Old Hall Street

The original terminus of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Liverpool was around Old Hall Street. The canal passed under the road to a basin on the river-side. Clarkes Basin, built 1792 and closed in 1886, was the closest link the canal had to the dock system until the Stanely Dock branch was built in 1846. Cargo would have to be transhipped from boat to wagon and then taken to the docks. All that remains of the former canal basin is a small brick building, now dwarfed by the hotel and tower block behind it. This was once a coopers yard. The canal is also remembered in the street names: Old Leeds Street and Leeds Street. This area is now the business centre of Liverpool with many insurance companies and the headquarters of the Liverpool Echo nearby.

Old Hall Steet Old Hall Street Old Hall Street Old Hall Street
Pall Mall  

To accommodate the expansion of the railways part of the canal was in filled in 1886 leaving Clarke's Basin stranded and unused. The canal between  the "New Basin" (just south of the Chisenhale Street bridge) and the Philips Street coal yards basin was re-built, it was straightened and moved about 50 meters east. The Pall Mall Warehouses were built along side, with new canal offices.  The canal went right up to the warehouses to allow cargo to be loaded/unloaded directly. Large doors allowed goods wagons access to the warehouses from the new Pall Mall road. The other side of the basin was taken up with coal yards and the council rubbish incinerator, there were arms off the basin for loading and unloading.

The company headquaters were damaged during World War Two, the paper work was moved to company offices elsewhere and the canal was run from a house in nearby Formby. There was also a mission for canal workers at the terminus which gave the bargemen somewhere to be educated and even practice rifle shooting.

The terminus basin was filled in up to Chisenhale Street in the 1960s. The once open side of the warehouses was bricked up. The basin is now a car park and the arms have been built on. Some warehousing was demolished when Leeds Street was widened.

Leeds Street, Liverpool   Pall Mall Liverpool
Site of the canal terminus warehouses L'Pool 0 Miles
Leeds 127¼ Miles
  Quayside Stones
Pall Mall Liverpool Pall Mall Depot Master House R&J Rankin Pall Mall Warehouse
the former canal basin the white building is the foreman's house at the Pall Mall Basin R&J Rankin Iron Foundry Liverpool, makers of the metal door ways. Pall Mall Warehouses
Pall Mall Warehouse Pall Mall Mission Pall Mall Boatmans Mission Mooring Ring
Warehouse on Pall Mall the site of the Liverpool and Wigan Canal Mission which was formed in the 1860's. the frontdoor of the Liverpool and Wigan Canal Mission, 1908 Old mooring ring on the edge of the warehouse
Pall Mall Basin Edge Stone Pall Mall Basin Pall Mall Basin Pall Mall Mooring Ring
The edge of the former canal basin The former canal basin looking north towards Chisenhale Street The former canal basin looking south towards Leeds Street Mooring ring on the side of the basin.
Eldonian Village  

In 1978 a local housing group from Eldonian Street were told they were to be re-housed and the community split up. They protested and the Eldonian Village plan was created. The area was cleared of its housing and industrial buildings. The demolition of the Tate and Lyle refinery as shown in the Boys from the Black Stuff marked the end of the canal as an industrial feature. The canal was shortened yet again this time to just north of bridge B Burlington street bridge. The Eldonian Basin was created with the Eldonian Village Hall and sports centre. www.eldonians.org.uk A new bridge was built to give access to the housing estate as part of Phase II of the regeneration. This new bridge, Vauxhall Bridge was opened by former local Cilla Black.

Bridge Inn Chisenhale Street Bridge Chisenhale Street Bridge Chisenhale Street Bridge
Bridge Inn besides Chisenhale St. Bridge North side of Bridge A Chisenhale Street Bridge
Bridge A
South side of Chisenhale Street Bridge
  Chisenhale Street Bridge Burlington Street Bridge  
  Chisenhale Street Bridge ~1900 Burlington Street Bridge 1906  
Burlington Street Bridge Burlington Street Bridge Burlington Street Bridge Eldonian Basin
Burlington Street Bridge Burlington Street Bridge Burlington Street Bridge Eldonian Basin moorings
Liverpool Canal Terminus Vauxhall Bridge Vauxhall Bridge Canal at Vauxhall
The current terminus of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Vauxhall Bridge Date on Vauxhall Bridge Covered wharf of Canned Goods Factory
Stanley Dock Branch Junction
Canal at Vauxhall Enter the Stanley Dock Branch Stenley Dock Branch
Mainline looking towards the terminus, right to the Stanley Dock branch with former bridge support     Mainline looking north to Bridge C
Leigh Bridge D Leigh Bridge D
Lightbody Street
Bridge C
Leigh Bridge D Leigh Bridge D Boundary Bridge E
Boundary Bridge Boundary Bridge E Boundary Bridge E Boundary Bridge E
Boundary Bridge E Boundary Bridge E Boundary Bridge E Boundary Bridge E
Sandhills BAT Factory Sandhills Bridge F
L'Pool 1 Mile
Leeds 126¼ Miles
Tobacco warehouse Tobacco warehouse Sandhills Bridge F
Sandhills Bridge Bridge Roller Bridge Roller  
Sandhills Bridge F Metal Bridge Roller Metal Bridge roller  

Sandhills station on the Northern Line is a short walk from Sandhills Bridge.

Bridge H
Sandhills Info Plaque Manure Wharves Bridge H
Bankhall Warehouse
Bank Hall Info Plaque Bank Hall Bridge I Bank Hall Warehouse

Bank Hall Station on the Northern Line is within walking distance of Bank Hall Bridge I

Bankhall Warehouse Canal Wharf Bank Hall Bank Hall
Bank Hall Warehouse
note the blocked off loading arm underneath the warehouse.
Covered Warf from Bridge I looking towards Bridge K
under Bank Hall Bridge Bank Hall looking towards Bridge I
Bank Hall Bridge K
Bank Hall looking towards Bridge I Engine Works Ruined Engineering Works Bridge K
Leeds Liverpool Canal Milepost Millers Bridge M
Bridge L L'Pool 2 Miles
Leeds 125¼ Miles
Douglas Place Millers Bridge M
Sunken Barge
Buses and a weedy canal Coopers of Canal Street Bridge Ma Bootle
Bridge N Coffee House Bridge Wharfe Inn  

Coffee House Bridge O

Bridge P in distance, The Warfe Inn Bridge P and #1  
Leeds Liverpool Canal Bootle



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